Holidays in Pennsylvania -- 1999

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Austin's 1st ride on his 1st Schwinn

Watch out world, here I come !

Playing Hockey with Beth during Thanksgiving at Renee's

Nice Haircut, Mikie

Come HERE and say that !

Hey, I remember that game !

The Long, Sad Ride Back to GA, via 81 in VA

Oh Yeah ? Well I know Santa Clause PERsonally.

Looks like He DOES know him personally !

Merry Christmas



Pikachu times 2 !!

Uh, Gene ... Ummm, who's beer is that under the TV ?

Organization is key

No Mommy, I think it goes like this

Man, I must be doing SOMEthing right

OOOhh, Baby !

Hi Wick !

Forget the toys, I want another Cat !

A fat tree at Grandma Green House

As good as they get, within striking distance

Asleep on Christmas Day ?

Gotcha, NAAAh!