Fishing on the Bayou! Houma, LA -- Fall 1999

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How many rednecks does it take to launch a flatbottom ?

Worth 1000 words.

A new friend, Kevin's son, Nicholas

Best place to fish, anywhere.

The 3 best rednecks ever: Kevin, George, and Matt.

Floating Trees ?

Austin catches the 1st fish of the day and wins a beer !

George catches the biggest fish of the the day, and as a reward his 2 other redneck buddies set it free accidentally.

These darn things DO sound like a drum !

Kevin's Sister's place.

A fake smile for Dad.

Not as much luck here, for sure.

Dad, what's a satsuma, and why do they park here ?

Look real close, and you'll see that this is satsuma fed beef !

A sweet snack.